This is

The first drink designed to mitigate the effects of flying in our body

Flywater® completely rethinks the hydration process of passengers flying more than 30 thousands feet in height.

Reinventing the experience of flying altogether so that it’s relaxed, comfortable and restorative.

What really happens to your body on a flight

You become dehydrated

In just a 3-hour flight, you can shed up to 1.5 liters of water from your body.
More than half the recommended daily drinking amount. Airplane humidity levels as low as 4% can cause the mucous membranes of your nose, mouth and throat to dry out.

You’re surrounded by germs.

1/2 of the cabin air is re-circulated during a flight, spreading germs and viruses throughout the vessel.
aThe worst part? Disease-causing bacteria can survive for up to one week inside the aircraft, on surfaces such as seat pockets, tray tables, window shades and armrests.

Your feet and ankles swell up

Air pressure changes cause a build-up of gas in your body, which leads to swelling, constipation and other related gastrointestinal issues. Meanwhile, the lack of movement during a flight causes the build-up of blood around the legs and feet, heightening the risk of getting deep vein trombosis.

Do I hear someone cough?


For deep hydration and immune system support. With natural Ginger extracts and vitamins that can help strengthen your defenses.


Sit back and relax


For deep hydration. With natural Green Tea and lemon extracts that help calm your system.


Stretch your legs and let yourself go


For deep hydration that supports muscle relief. With natural Cranberry and Mango extracts plus vitamins high in antioxidants.


Life on the go with Flywater®