The first beverage designed to mitigate
the effects of flying by supporting our bodies.

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FlyWater Upgrade Drink is an enhanced water beverage
inspired by air travel to make you feel enhanced, laid-back and uplifted.

natural ingredients

Natural Functional Ingredients

Valerian Extract + White Willow Bark + GABA + L-Theanine + Beta Glucan

A perfect mix of natural extracts, vitamins, nootopics and adaptogens. No calories. No sugar. No GMO. Nothing unnecessary.

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For the ones that expand themselves by exploring the world.
The dreamers, the creators, the ones that will inspire the next generation.
The Modern Explorers.

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Humans are collectors of experiences


We believe that it is through experiencing the unknown beyond our comfort zones, that we break through to unlocking new parts of ourselves.
This allows us to grow into our authentic selves on a life path of purpose towards creating value. Embracing the obstacles along the way and transforming them into beauty.

We want to support people to expand themselves by exploring the world and elevate their journey through functional products. Preparing Modern Explorers for the path ahead with the natural functional ingredients of FlyWater Upgrade Drink that support the body during everyday journeys.

FlyWater Elevates Your Experience.

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